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TIU Front Page Hostel is located at:
42 Koblevskaya Street, Odessa, Ukraine
Tel: +380968344074 +380671837347

Map to TIU Front Page Hostel

The directions below should help you to get to the very main square of Odessa- SOBORNAYA PLOSHCHAD, which is located right next to our hostel. Once you find yourself on Sobornaya Ploshchad please refer to the map given as one of the hostels images.

*Majority of the buses will cost around 2 Hryvna

** If you decided to take a TAXI please be aware that many local taxi drivers are less than fair when dealing with foreigners.
These are the acceptable prices:

From the train station: 25-30 Hryvnas ($3.00 to 3.50)

From the airport: 60 Hryvnas ($7.50)
But in all honesty you are lucky if you can get away with paying 100-120 Hryvna ($12.50 to $15.00) depending on the time of day.
Airport Directions
Bus number #117 will take you directly to Sobornaya Ploshchad or the overpriced Taxi services. Don't be scared to bargain hard.

Bus Station Directions
Take Tram Number 5 to the Train Station. From the train station follow the directions we have written for the Train Station to the hostel.

Ferry Terminal Directions
When you arrive you should be on a pier. Walk up the massive steps, known as the Potemkin Steps. You will see the first monument at the top of the steps. Continue straight until you see another passive monument, that will be the monument of Catherine the Great (Ekatarina Square). From that monument you will continue walking down the street called Ekatarinska. Continue until you reach this pedestrian street known as Deribasovska, on that street make a right turn (you will notice that the pedestrian only zone starts from that point). Walk down Deribasovska until the street stops. At the end of the street you should see the Main Square with a large Cathedral, known as Sabornaya Ploshchad. Walk towards the cathedral pass thru the Main Square and get to the other end of the Main Square and find the street Koblevska. Once on Koblevska stay on the left side and we are building 42. Go up to the top floor and we are Number 4.

Train Station Directions
Most of the buses from the train station (the bus stop is next to McDonald's) are going towards the city center , though we advise you to take bus #221 or #175 for very simple reasons:

#175 has it's last stop at the Sobornaya Ploshchad' which makes it impossible to miss the actual stop where you should get off the bus.

#221 on the other hand, passes just next to our hostel so when you find yourself next to the huge church (Sobor) just ask the driver to let you out on street where we are located (Koblevskaya Street)

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